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Open braced bolted Kwikerect steel shelving is the standard commercial and industrial solution for hand loaded products, consisting of angle posts, shelves and braces or gussets assembled with nuts & bolts. Bolted steel shelving is the most economical shelving for general use.  Back and sides remain open except where cross bracing is required.  

Bolts fasten the shelves in place for maximum rigidity and capacity.  Bolted shelving is ideal for activity involvement where shelves can be impacted and dislodged, or critical location such as top, bottom and floor levels.  Kwikerect bolted shelving is coated with a polymer powder coat finish making it both durable and attractive.

Standard slotted angle shelving systems can also be used as open type for cartons or bins.  The Kwikerect shelving systems can include back, sides, dividers, bin fronts and base plates.  The system can use clips for intermediate removable shelves.  Panels can be added to the back to conform closed shelving units.