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Kwikerect Boltless shelving is ideal for storing light to medium weight products, that are small to medium in size. Boltless shelving can adjust easily to allow users to adapt to changing requirements and size of product. 

Shelving front posts are common and beaded to allow for full access to shelves, making the adjustment of the shelves very simple.  Kwikerect metalware interlok shelves are punched to accept a variety of accessories such as dividers, bin fronts and label holders.  Beams, shelf supports or angle reinforcements can be added to increase shelf capacity or impact resistance. Kwikerect metal boltless shelving is easy to put together, disassemble, move and reassemble.

Cardboard, plastic or steel bins and drawers are available in a multitude of sizes and shapes.  Modular Drawer Cabinets can be added to the shelving in the pick slot at mid waste to increase capacity and provide other selectivity of small parts.