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Carton Flow Racking is a steel rack system that uses a gravity feed rear load design. Each unit consists of one or more runways set on an incline. Merchandise is loaded in the rear of each runway. As an item is removed from the front, the items directly behind slide forward in place of the previous.

The main advantage of Carton Flow Rack is that merchandise remains better organized and easier to find and pick. With Carton Flow Racking the product is automatically rotated on a first in first out basis. Items are stocked in the rear of the carton flow rack and moves toward the picking station in front on an inclined shelf equipped with roller tracks. When a carton is removed from the picking station, the next one in line rolls forward, thus keeping items within reach for easier picking. Inventory is easier to monitor and control since products are fully visible at all times.  Because items are picked from the front and stocked from the rear, both functions can be performed at the same time without interference.

Restocking and picking typically offer the greatest opportunity for improving efficiency within the  order picking processes. With Carton Flow Racking systems labor savings of up to 75% can be realized almost immediately. 

Carton Flow Rack (also called Live Storage or Carton Live Flow) designs have gone through a number of updates over the years and have evolved to full shelf units, consisting of polyethylene or aluminum roller runways which can be stand-alone racks or can be installed into pallet racks.  Conveyor systems can also be used as an alternative to shelving.

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