Experience and innovation

NAS is a leading North American manufacturer comprised of engineering and sales professionals that work from 15 different locations across Canada and the United States. Our most innovative and cutting edge racking and shelving products are manufactured in 4 full-scale manufacturing plants located in Whitby, Colborne, Edmonton and Mississauga. The strategic location of these plants enables effective coordination with our authorized dealers for quick inventory access, low transportation cost, and expedited shipment to your installation site.

NAS believes that innovation is vital in creating the perfect storage solution aimed at increasing our customer’s productivity and profitability. Having worked with leading private and public businesses, NAS has developed one of the largest pallet racking and industrial shelving manufacturing capacity in North America. Our state of the art plants operate using the latest manufacturing practices, including robotic welding, advanced capacity roll forming and servo feeders that ensures high precision and exact tolerance enabling us to manufacture tailor made systems for our customers’ requirements.