Bolted versus Welded Racking

November 24, 2017,

The completely welded construction on pallet racking end frames provides maximum strength and stability compared to the alternative bolted racking assemblies. A welded construction dramatically reduces installation time and subsequent liability concerns.

Boltered Welded
  • Reduced freight cost
  • Prepainted or galvanized finish
  • Faster delivery for standard sizes


  • Far lower installation cost
  • Colour choice or hot dipped galvanized
  • Standard sizes are stock
  • Custom sizes manufactured as required
  • Double or reinforced posts for impact resistance and higher capacity available
  • Plus Cant-leg or Recessed legs
  • Factory certified endframe welding
  • Lower service costs, higher re-sale value
  • Horizontal and diagonal braces provide
  • Higher capacity & impact resistance
  • Bottom beams & weld or bolt-on
  • Post protectors can be installed


  • Bolt all braces & footplates to endframes
  • Inspect & retorque frequently
  • Bottom beams or post protectors cannot be use due to bolted footplates
  • Higher service costs
  • Diagonal only brace sections have less capacity and impact resistance


  • Freight cost depending on distance from manufacturing plant


Repair Cost / Endframes
  • Unload all merchandise on both sides
  • Remove & disassemble complete beams and endframe
  • Replace all nuts & bolts for frame & beams
  • Re-assemble frame
  • Re-install frame
  • Re-install frames & accessories
  • Re-load merchandise


Repair Cost / Endframes
  • Unload merchandise on damaged frame only
  • Remove frame
  • Install new frame & accessories
  • Re-load merchandise


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