Used versus New Racking

November 24, 2017,

The age old question – new vs used – why buy new when used racking is cheaper?  The advantages are simple.  Although used racking may be cheaper in its initial purchase, the long term costs for repair and replacement of uprights and beams could be more than you bargained for!

Racking will sustain damage over time, it is unavoidable.  Racking gets hits by lift trucks and pallets on a daily basis while in use.  Unfortunately this type of impact damage can cause racking to bend.  Over time and depending on the product and pallet loads housed in the racking, the weight capacity originally certified for the racking is now diminished and the racking becomes unsafe over time.  Once racking bends, moisture can now penetrate cracked powder coat finished paint and rust can set in, causing even more detrimental damage to the racking, making your loads and racking unsafe for both product storage and employees working around the racking.

Time and time again we have received inquiries from customers wanting to certify the used racking they just installed in their warehouse or storage distribution facility.  Firstly, a racking inspection is required by an Engineer to ensure the rack is even safe for use.  Dependent on the damage to the racking you may be required to replace frames, beams or both. Some racking can sustain a repair whereby a section of the frame is cut away and another ‘boot’ is bolted into the existing upright with a new piece of rack.  This entire process for racking repairs can be both costly in material for the new uprights, and the labour to install the such repair kits, along with the cost of downtime for your warehouse (remember the racking will have to be emptied in order to do the repair).  It is important to know where your racking is coming from. How old is it? Is the racking compatible with other current brands on the market if you need to implement repairs or replacement pieces?  Some older styles like Triple A racking is no longer manufactured and may have been replaced with a similar type of racking.

With a huge push on safety in the workplace and in particular over the past 2 years by the Ministry of Labour rack inspection campaigns, it has been our experience that the money you saved on buying used racking was spent anyways in racking repairs, and in many cases the entire racking was required to be replaced with new racking in order to sustain the required load capacities for heavier products or pallets.

As a manufacturer of warehouse pallet racking for distribution centres and logistics providers nationwide, we ship directly to you from our manufacturing facilities in Whitby or Colborne, Ontario and Edmonton (Nisku), Alberta.  Our stocking dealers across Canada are able to assist you for immediate requirements.

Our installation crews are trained and certified on all types of warehouse industrial rack installations and site safety practices.  Our  project management, technical sales and design staff can assist you in designing a warehouse and distribution facility using the most cost effective racking and shelving storage solutions utilizing your existing space.  Highrise shelving and mezzanine / catwalk systems can add valuable space to your existing warehouse.

We have been manufacturing racking for distribution within Canada for over 60 years to major cities including but not limited to: Edmonton, Nisku, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Kamloops, Winnipeg, Brampton, Hamilton, Toronto, Newmarket, Markham, Kingston, Cornwall, Ottawa, Montreal, Laval, Saint John, Fredericton, Halifax and St. John’s.  We have the knowledge you need to make the best business decision possible for your racking requirements.  We also stock most common sizes of racking and shelving for quick shipment to your facility, and we can refer you to a local dealer for quick shipment.

Whether you are retrofitting an existing warehouse or ready to equip a new warehouse facility, let us help you with the most cost effective solutions, supplying you with our certified racking on time and on budget!

Some used racking brand names you may have heard of are Redirack or Redirack compatible, Mastorak, Triple A rack, Unirack, Pedrack, Centennial Rack, Pacific Westeel, Enrack, Interlake, Boni, Econorack, Konstant, Superack, Cresswell, Interlake / Mecalux and Novamerican.  As a manufacturer, we can manufacture all types of racking to be compatible with almost every style of racking on the market today, allowing you to incorporate new and used racking into your current racking system.

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