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The storage of documents and records falls into two categories, based on the size of installation. 

For small installations (e.g. offices, commercial locales, etc.), shelving is utilized with either Steel shelves for maximum flexibility or Wide span shelves for maximum density.

For larger installations (e.g. hospitals, large archives), Rack Storage Platforms for multi-level picking and Very Narrow Aisle (VNA Racking), with order pickers for box retrieval are recommended.

Selection aspects to consider include: box weight and size, loading or unloading, accessibility and retrieval, shelf materials, storage height availability or restrictions and last but not least, cost. In certain situations, racking is more practical or might even be required for many reasons.

Systems are customized to meet specific needs of space, zoning and access. In addition, for greater storage efficiencies, other options include designs for files, bin boxes, record boxes, binders and stationary.


Select your shelving systems according to your box storage needs by weight as well as number of boxes per level. Systems can also vary by row of shelving type for variable needs. Dividers and rods can also make filing more efficient.

KWIKERECT 6000 BOLTED and BOLTLESS SHELVING:  Kwikerect 6000 is the most economical totally metal shelving system ideal for use in offices offering a pleasing finish and easy adjustability. Kwikerect shelving units can be Open Style with braces and gussets. Kwikerect is supplied extensively to hospitals for storage of X-rays, for use with Mezzanines for hand picking of files / records and ideal where fire code does not allow for wood shelves.

EASYUP 5000 BOLTLESS CLIPLESS SHELVING:   Easyup 5000 is used mainly for light duty applications with either metal or particle board shelves. Ideal for storage of light and small items like stationary for office and bank use, and can be used in conjunction with plastic boxes or cardboard boxes.

EASYUP 7000 CLIPLESS SHELVING:   Ideal for applications requiring heavier duty storage of boxes and larger items, as well as for two-tier bankers boxes with specific width configurations. Easyup 7000 Long Span shelving is durable and rigid enough for heavy record storage and areas with floor space restrictions, but with high ceiling that can be effectively adapted for high rise storage.

WIDE SPAN 4000 SHELVING:   This sturdy steel shelving is extensively used in catwalk and mezzanine systems and for storage of heavier or bulky, hand loaded items. Wide Span 4000 is typically used for high rise storage systems, with busy storage or small work areas.

We have the product lines to meet your needs, everything from light duty shelving to industrial racking. Systems are designed to hold archive boxes and are customized to meet specific requirements of space, zoning and access. In addition, for the optimization of storage space, other options include designs for files, bin boxes, record boxes, binders and stationary. Most box and file storage in archive warehouse use Very Narrow Aisle or multi-floor platforms with steel framing and open style decking.


Archive storage rack is used for high-density document archive box storage.  NAS will design a document storage racking system to suit your exact requirements, maximizing the number of boxes that can be stored and ensuring that all space is used efficiently.  Two main types of racking systems are available: