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Easyup long span series 7000 heavy duty BOLTLESS shelving systems (fully compatible with EZRECT Type 1 shelving) are designed for heavy duty bulk storage items for hand loading with open accessibility from all sides. Completely boltless and clipless for quick assembly.  Post and Cross members lock together in both planes to form a rigid end frame with high load capacities.  The Long Span knocked down end frames allow for height, capacity and depth adjustment at any time.  The Easyup Common posts reduce cost for add-on units.  Installation can be tight against a wall while still allowing shelf adjustability, making it easy to move the shelving or change shelf levels to accommodate varying stock.

Three basic interlocking components of our EU7000 EZRect compatible system form an extremely rigid heavy duty long span shelving unit, make assembly very quick.  Particle board or steel shelf levels can be easily re-adjusted after installation. Ideal open-type steel warehouse shelving can be easily integrated with conveyor order picking systems.  Easyup 7000 shelving features open accessibility from all sides since no cross bracing is required.  

Easyup steel boltless shelving can be used for retail merchandise display of heavy items such as paint cans or bulky pet food, and make order picking easy in any warehouse environment. Ideally our Easyup EZRect Type 1 compatible shelving can replace pallet racking, and is perfect for high density warehouse storage. All our steel heavy duty long span shelving is powder coated for a tough durable finish to last for years.