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In most cases, YES.  Many companies wish to integrate new racking add-on units with their existing storage units and for that reason, many of our pallet racking and steel shelving products are indeed compatible with other systems such as Redirack and EZRect.  When considering additional units, one must evaluate the existing unit's age, condition and type. In many cases, it can be more cost effective to implement new, stronger racking than to add-on to older, damaged racking bays. Please contact one of our Technical Sales Experts 1-800-735-4153.

Generally yes, but Building Permit requirements vary by municipality. Based on our expertise, we can determine if a permit is required, and are able to assist with document preparation and the application process. Please contact one of our Technical Sales Experts 1-800-735-4153.

Whether your racking is NEW or USED, you may be required to provide a certification (also known as a Pre-Start Health & Safety Review or PSR) for your warehouse racking system. Damages can significantly reduce the allowable racking weight capacities and for this reason the Ministry of Labour may also perform routine racking site inspections. These inspections could specify racking sections or the entire warehouse. This means that the racking must be certified  as to the CURRENT weight capacity of your racking system when fully loaded with product.  In such cases, a qualified Engineer MUST inspect the pallet racking (unless it has recently been purchased new from us), in order to determine the structural integrity and to avoid racking collapses. Furthermore, racking that is moved to a new location should also be inspected to ensure that it was re-installed correctly. Annual inspections are recommended to identify components.  Please contact one of our Technical Sales Experts 1-800-735-4153.

Our standard colours for warehouse pallet racking are 'orange' and 'blue', however we customize colours for any application and manufacture to your needs (see our Colour Selection Guide). Our paint is a powder coating that is baked-on to provide a durable finish. For racking that is installed outside and exposed to weather conditions, ensuring the correct coating application will prevent rusting and extend the life of your racking. North American Steel also offers Galvanized racking for freezer / food storage distribution centres. Please contact one of our Technical Sales Experts 1-800-735-4153.

We manufacture a modified Triple-A 400 Series Widespan and Triple-A 600 series boltless shelving racking system. However please note that the Triple-A 200 series pallet racking has been discontinued due to low demand.  We also manufacture Triple-A Open Steel planking.  We offer several Triple-A options and alternatives for your current racking warehouse system. Please contact one of our Technical Sales Experts 1-800-735-4153.

The capacity of pallet racking storage or distribution systems depends on many factors, including material size / steel gauge and beam length / spacing. Only a Certified Engineer is qualified to certify a racking system for use.  Our Engineers respect all racking standards as set out by ANSI, CSA and RMI.  Please contact one of our qualified Engineering  1-800-735-4153.

We inventory standard sizes for both racking and shelving and immediately if your required items are available. Shipping can also be efficient and cost effective via our national stocking dealer network.  Should we not have the right size on hand, we will customize units to suit your pallet racking and shelving system requirements. Please contact Customer Service 1-800-735-4153

We are a manufacturer of pallet racking and industrial shelving, selling newly manufactured systems. We have to used racking and used shelving and can refer you to one of our Dealers in your local area.  It must be noted that Used racking is still subject to the same standards for certification by the Ministry of Labour / Safety for appropriate capacities based on intended use; considerations include damages, bends, cracks, rust and/or corrosion. In many instances, when considering all costs, NEW RACKING MAY BE MORE COST EFFECTIVE than used racking.  Let our experts help you understand what is best for your storage needs.  Please contact Sales: 1-800-735-4153

Our factory trained, qualified installation crews are available to install all of our racking products for you.  We can also refer you to a third party trained installer.  Proper installation of heavy duty shelving and warehouse pallet racking is essential for safe use and according to standards of the Ministry of Labour/Safety. Our bolted and boltless industrial Shelving comes with easy installation instructions (also available on our website under the Literature Menu). However, some pallet Racking systems may require professional installation for its safe use, based on designs and load capacities.  Plese contact Sales: 1-800-735-4153

Due to the weight of steel shelving and pallet racking products, there is a charge for delivery, unless you arrange your own pickup. We can arrange for full delivery and off-loading of products at your location. Some products may be bundled on skids and you would require a lift truck and qualified operator for safe off-loading. Please contact Customer Service: 1-800-735-4153

All of our manufactured warehouse racking and industrial shelving products are MADE IN CANADA at our manufacturing plants in Whitby and Colborne, Ontario as well as Edmonton (Nisku) Alberta.  Proud to be MADE IN CANADA!

We have many standard sized products on stock, however shipment dates are subject to the product type, custom sizing, custom painting, quantities and delivery destination. A qualified estimator will advise you accordingly, prior to finalizing and processing your order.  Part shipments are also available for larger orders. Please contact Sales: 1-800-735-4153

YES, our pallet racking and industrial shelving products meet and/or exceed the relevant CSA (Canadian) and ANSI / RMI (USA) Standards for safety and certification. For seismic requirements, our Engineering and Design Team will include the necessary specifications and engineering for your racking / shelving system.  Please contact one of our Technical Sales Experts 1-800-735-4153

YES, for larger projects you may require stamped drawings for city approvals and occupancy permits.  Our certified in-house Engineering staff can provide you with stamped drawings for Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba. Permit / Application / Engineered drawing fees may be extra.  We can also arrange for certification and drawings of your system if you are in another province where we do not hold a license. Contact our Engineering Dept 1-800-735-4153

We generally do NOT accept credit cards, however for small one time orders we will accept cash or certified cheque. For future purchases we would require a credit check in order to set up an account. After your account has been set up a company Purchase Order is required and our payment terms are Net 30 Days from invoice date and a company cheque would be acceptable for payment. For small orders there may be a minimum quantity or charge for your racking or shelving components. Please contact Customer Service 1-800-735-4153