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Full-width Roller Pallet Flow rack systems reduce imprinting and improve performance.   Heavy duty full-width roller wheels support pallets evenly and can absorb heavier impact loads. Forklift damage to pallet flow racking is reduced because the product is protected in the rack system until picking.

Pallet Flow racking systems offer automatic First-In/First-Out (FIFO principle) system product rotation, an advantage with perishable and time sensitive products.





Products and pallet modifications can be made without changes to existing systems

Simple integration into existing complex pallet racking distribution systems

Ideal for freezer operations

Easy Installation: Pre-assembled product reduces racking installation time

Product segregation - products can be stored in individual lanes

Reduced aisle traffic and manpower, greater productivity

Fewer lift trucks are required


Performance of Racking System Bulk Storage Selective Pallet Rack Pallet Flow Rack
Selectivity of individual pallets 40% 100% 50%
Use of floor space 80% 50% 80%
Utilization of pallet posting 70% 98% 70%
Speed of access and throughput 80% 80% 80%
Stock rotation (FIFO) 40% 60% 100%
Use of building height 30% 80% 60%
Efficient Bottom Level Case Picker No Yes Yes
Ease of relocation 100% 100% 70%
System adjustability 100% 100% 40%
Specialist handling equipment No No No