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Impact resistant structural frames

Bolted connection allows for easy adjustment of beam levels

1" beam clip adjustment

Cost effective alternative to fully structural system

Offers more durability than a fully rollformed system

High quality powder coat finish 


Hybrid racking combines the strength and durability of structural frames with cost effective rollformed beams to deliver flexible, modular storage bays. The rollformed beams can accommodate a full range of racking accessories, such as safety bars, wire mesh decks and dividers.

Double Deep and Push-Back Hybrid rack systems can incorporate structural front components for added impact durability, as well as low cost rollformed components at the rear, where damage is less likely from lift truck impact.

Hybrid pallet racking with varied leg options provides increased impact resistance that would include an warranty.

As with Structural warehouse racking, Hybrid rack frames offer three different leg options, ideal for high traffic warehouses: STRAIGHT LEG with Bull Nose protector, CANT LEG base or RECESSED LEG base. The frames can also be doubled and reinforced with heavy duty lower horizontal braces or rub rails for added impact resistance and protection.

The racking beams and safety bars can easily be adjusted for 3PL distribution centres where maximum flexibility and adjustment of pallet load sizes are required on a regular basis.

NAS Hybrid Racking Systems are ideal for: