Racking Shelving

Drive-Through Rack

A rack structure comprised primarily of vertical upright frames, horizontal support arms and horizontal load rails, typically used for one-wide by multiple-depth storage. Loading and unloading from can be accomplished from both ends of a bay, as there is no ‘anchor section’ required in Drive-Thru Rack.

Drop In Panels (DIPS)

Drop In Panels are installed in long span or wide span shelving. Being only 6” wide allows for multiple widths based on 6” intervals.  The panels are dropped into step beams and span the full depth of the bay.


Staggered wheel track.


Staggered wheel track


A distributor of racking and shelving systems.

End Aisle Guards

Protects end of row pallet racking frames from lift truck impact damage at ground level. End Aisle Guards add a neat finished appearance.


A shelving system that primarily uses wood shelves for Longspan or Widespan applications. Our Easyup 7000 and Widespan 4000 are compatible to EZRect products.


Flanged Wheel Rails

Floor Loading

The load bearing capacity of a (warehouse) floor, defined in both area (psf) and point loading (psi) for storage rack and machines.

Floor Stacking

The stacking of unit loads directly on top of each other with the floor as a base.

Flow Rack

Racking system that incorporates sections of a conveyor so that pallets can flow to the front position (i.e. pallet flow). Pallet Flow Systems typically range from 3 to 8 pallets deep; deeper systems can also be configured. Speed Reducers are required for systems greater than 3 deep. Ideal for manufacturing facilities that require FIFO storage.

Frame (end frame, upright frame)

In a pallet racking structure, the ends are known as the frames and they are in turn joined together with beams.  An assembly of two vertical members (columns) and braces used to support load beams.