Racking Shelving

Hybrid Rack

Hybrid Rack System combines rollformed rack and structural without compromising impact resistance.  This combination combines the strength and durability of structural frames with the cost savings of rollformed step beams.

Interlake Rack

A brand of American Tear Drop style pallet racking.


A vertical plate (angle or barrier) that is installed at the edge of an elevated floor or storage platform, intended to prevent loose items from sliding off.

Konstant Rack

A type of Structural Racking that uses a single bolt connection on C-Channel Beams.


A floor plan showing assignment of gross space for storage operations and supporting functions.  A graphical representation to scale of a facility, usually in two dimensions, but sometimes in three.

Master Rack

A racking system manufactured by All Type Systems.

Metal Ware / Interlok

Steel shelving systems manufactured in Canada.

Mobile Racking (Movable-shelf)

Racking bays or shelving bays placed on mobile bases, allowing the bays to move together, decreasing the number of aisles.  This provides greater density of storage for slow pick items.  The mobile systems can be either push-pull for light duty applications and/or gear or motor driven for heavy duty applications.

Narrow Aisle Truck

A counter balanced, self-loading truck primarily intended for right angle stacking in Very Narrow Aisles Racking Bays. There are 3 basic categories of narrow-aisle vehicles / trucks: straddle, reach and side-loading trucks. Narrow Aisle lift trucks normally operate in 8′ to 10′ wide aisles and are generally battery powered, stand-up vehicles.


North American Steel, Canada’s premier storage solution provider.


A horizontal platform device used as a base for assembling, storing, and handling materials and/or products in a unit load. Usually made of wood, this platform supports the load when it is picked up by a forklift or pallet jack.

Pallet Flow Rack

Utilized for maximum storage density when handling a large quantity of single SKU full pallets. Pallet Flow uses inclined conveyance with a charge and discharge side creating a natural FIFO environment for pallet handling.  These systems are also called gravity flow or dynamic flow racking systems.  The Pallet Flow System often has complex motion and braking systems for pallet speed control.  A specialized pallet rack structure is typically required to properly support the pallet-flow lanes.