Racking Shelving

Pallet Height

The total vertical dimension between the outer surfaces of the top and bottom decks (includes skid height)

Pallet Length

Horizontal dimension depth of the pallet (front-to-back)

Pallet Rack

A Material Handling Storage System designed to store materials on pallets (or skids) in horizontal rows with multiple levels.  A rack structure is comprised primarily of vertical upright frames and horizontal shelf beams, with one and two-deep pallet storage.  Frames, beams and accessories can be incorporated to support unit loads, whether or not such loads are palletized.  Common methods of assembly include welded, bolted, or clipped.

Pallet Rack Shelving

Standard pallet rack can be equipped with shelf panel inserts for storing binnable, rackable or palletized materials as needs change.

Pallet Support Bar

A bar similar to a safety bar, intended to support the full weight of a loaded pallet, where the size, strength, or style of a pallet prohibits its placement directly onto a pair of load beams.  These members extend between the shelf beams underneath the stored load that aids in the support of that load.

Pallet Width

Horizontal pallet dimension (front face) perpendicular to stringers

Pick Tower

Ideal for modern full carton and individual item Picking Distribution Centres, requiring maximum primary picking location density.  These are multi-level platforms allow staff optimum accessibility to all picking locations, without the use of order-picking equipment or wider aisles.


Signage permanently and prominently displayed, depicting the permissible loading of the rack.

Portable Rack (Stacking Frame)

Stackable racks are usually 4 post structures, with or without casters, with special stacking cups on the top of the posts.  Usually stacked up to 3 high for safety reasons, but can be placed individually in racking with the use of U-channels.  The stacking racks are designed for the specific components being stored and can be easily moved with forklifts.

Post Guard (column guard, post protector)

A reinforced section of the endframe lower front aisle post to deflect impact on the pallet or straddle leg.  Post Protectors are available in many configurations weld-on, clip-on or floor mounted options.

Product Load

The weight of the item(s) placed on the rack.

Pushback Rack

A specialized pallet rack structure in which the horizontal shelf beams support push-back lanes comprised of tracks and nested rolling carts. The Push-Back Rack lanes are installed on a slight pitch permitting multiple-depth pallet storage. Loading and unloading is done from the same service aisle by pushing the pallets back.  PushBack rack is usually 2 to 6 deep but can be installed back-to-back.