Racking Shelving

Safety Flooring

A surface that is provided in areas where order picking personnel may need to step off the normal walking area or pick module walkway, to dislodge loads that may not have properly flowed to their correct position.

Safety Pin

A device or mechanical fastener used to help prevent the accidental dislodgement of beam connectors from frames. The Safety Pin locks the beam into the upright frame.

Selective Rack

Selective Pallet Rack that is one load (single) pallet deep. It is arranged in one row or a series of rows such that every pallet loaded on the rack faces an aisle, allowing direct, equal access by material handling equipment. It is an effective and economical storage method of utilizing the vertical space.

Severe Cantleg

Utilized on Double Deep Pallet Rack applications to minimize system damage from Double Deep Reach Truck straddle legs

Shelf Track

Carton Flow with Staggered Wheel Beds  and plastic wheel rails.


Used for economical storage of lighter weight, small hand-stackable items not suited to mechanized handling and storage, due to their handling characteristics, activity, or quantity.  Generally composed of metal components that create a multi-level shelf system to support a wide range of materials.

Single Deep Storage

Loads stored one pallet deep in racking

Single Row

A row of a pallet rack that is free standing (i.e. connected to an adjacent rack row) using row spacers.

Slotted Angle

A systemized L-shaped angle section with multiple slots for flexibility, used primarily to construct custom shelving and workbenches. Slotted Angle can be configured into multiple C or T sections for added capacity.

Span Track

Mini roller conveyor tracks used in Carton Flow applications, ideal for large, heavy cartons.

Speed Rack

A racking system that uses tubular steel construction and secure pin beam connectors.

Stacker Rack

A rack structure serviced by an automated storage and retrieval machine.

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