Technical Engineering

Allowable Strength 

Equals nominal strength divided by the safety factor

Allowable Stress

Equals allowable strength divided by the appropriate section property, such as section modulus or cross-section area.

Applicable Code

Code (enforced by the local building department) according to which the structure is designed

Applicable Code

Code (enforced by the local building department) according to which the structure is designed.

ASD (Allowable Strength Design)

Method of proportioning structural components such that the allowable strength equals or exceeds the required strength of the component under the action of the ASD load combinations.

ASD load combination

Load combination in the applicable building code intended for allowable strength design (allowable stress design).

Basic Capacity

The capacity of a component with specified conditions for use in accordance with CSA A344.2.

Beam Locking Device

A pin, bolt, or other mechanism that resists disengagement of the beam connector from the column.


Mini roller beds

Braced Frame 

An essentially vertical truss system that provides resistance to lateral forces and provides stability for the structural system.


Limit state of sudden change in the geometry of a structure or any of its elements under a critical loading condition.

Buckling Strength

Nominal strength for buckling or instability limit states.

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