Bar Code

A unique identifier comprised of an array of rectangular bars and spaces in a predetermined pattern following specific rules, to represent elements of data that are referred to as characters

Bar Code Reader

A device used to identify and decode a bar code symbol.

Bar Code Scanner

A moving beam used to identify and decode a bar code or other optical symbol.

Batch Manufacturing

The production of parts or material in discrete runs, or batches, interspersed with other production operations or runs of other parts or materials.

Batch Mode Processing

A type of processing in which information from a data collection method is not gathered immediately, but at discrete, non-continuous intervals.

Batch Picking

Order picking method where orders are grouped into small batches. An operator picks one product for a group of orders at the same time; requires sortation and possible consolidation of products for the orders. Typically used when large numbers of orders contain the same SKUs.  An Order Picker will pick all orders within the batch in one pass. Batch picking is usually associated with Pickers with multi-tiered picking carts moving up and down aisles picking batches of usually 4 to 12 orders. However, batch picking is also very common when working with automated material handling equipment, such as carousels.


The part of a conveyor upon which the load or carrying medium rests, rolls or slides while being conveyed.

Belt Conveyor

A continuous fabric, rubber, plastic, leather or metal belt operated over a suitable drive and tail end, and over belt idlers or slider bed for handling materials, packages or objects placed directly upon the belt.

Bi-Directional AGV

An AGV which does not have a dedicated front or back that can automatically operate in the forward or the reverse directions.

Buffer Storage

The part of a warehouse in which back-up or reserve stock is stored, awaiting transfer into active storage.

Bulk Storage

An area in the warehouse set aside for storage of multiple pallets of a given product. Storage in warehouses of any large quantity of supplies, usually in original containers. The area within a facility or warehouse devoted to the placement of large items, floor stocking of pallets and reserve material to re-supply forward picking areas.

Capacity Rated

The rated or design capacity of the material handling equipment as stated by the equipment manufacturer

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