Extendable Conveyor

Used for packaged materials, objects or units. Conveyor types include roller, wheel, or belt. Constructed so the conveyor may be extended or shortened within limits, to suit operational needs.

FIFO (First-In, First-Out)

A method of rotating inventory that allows the oldest products to be used first.  An inventory valuation method, in which costs of materials are transferred in chronological order.  This expression describes the principle of a queue processing technique for product SKU’s.  Products enter the racking from the rear and are removed from the front.  In other words, the first product added to the queue or position in the racking will be the first one to be removed.

Fill Rate

Sales order processing measurement that quantifies the ability to fill orders.

Fixed Beam Bar Code Reader/Scanner

A bar code reader that uses a stationary beam and relies on the relative motion of an item to be read as it passes in front of the reader. Typically called Fixed Bar Code Reader.

Flat Belt Conveyor

A type of belt conveyor in which the carrying run of the conveyor belt is supported by flat belt idlers or by a flat, slider surface.  Portable conveyors that can be expanded, contracted and curved and moveable to wherever needed.

Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

An arrangement of machine tools, capable of standalone operation that are interconnected by a work piece transport system and controlled by a central computer. Often consists of an AGV, conveyor or AS/RS delivering work pieces (machine tool pallets) and tools to machines. The transport subsystem, possibly including one or more robots, carries work to the machines, pallets or other interface units so that accurate registration is rapid and automatic. FMS may have a variety of parts being processed simultaneously.

Floor Loading Trucks

A technique used for packing a truck, by hand possibly with conveyors, in which pallets and stretch film are not used.  The load is left on the trailer floor unprotected.

Floor Slab

Any floor system, either on or above grade, capable of supporting rack loads.

Flow Analysis

The detailed analysis of the flow of either workers or material, from place (operation) to place. The examination seeks to determine how the progressive travel or the operation may be optimized in terms of both time and material.

Flow Process Chart

A graphic, symbolic representation of the work performed (or to be performed), on a product as it passes through some or all of the stages in a process.

Flue Space (pallet rack to pallet rack)

The space maintained between frames using rowspacers or between a frame and a wall using wall spacers. The flue space can also be the distance between pallets and the distance between the pallet and a column.  In sprinkler applications, the column space can be added to form the total flue space.

Food-Grade Warehouse

A Food-grade warehouse is one that meets specific requirements for the storage of edible products or materials that will make up edible products (ingredients or even packaging).

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