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Description:   Side panels are used in place of braces to make closed style shelving.   For all panels use combination of these heights for over 52” high posts allowing for 2” overlap.  Example: Use 2 of 40” panels to fit 75” post; 1 of 40” and 1 of 52” to fit 87” post; use 2 of 52” to fit 99” post.  Necessary Nuts and Bolts are included.

Benefits:   Panels provide closed units to prevent items from falling through the sides.  Also provides a finished appearance.

Colour:   Dove Grey


Disclaimer: List prices apply to all standard part numbers and are subject to change without notice. Additional charges may apply for: (a) non-standard parts/sizes; (b) non-stock items; (c) special colours; (d) quantities below minimums. You will be advised at time of ordering if any of these conditions apply. Thank you.