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Each system is custom designed to suit your needs

Systems are designed for maximum efficiency and space utilization

Systems provide increased picking productivity for growing order demand

Engineered gravity flow designs for efficient picking for large volume processing

May be adapted for paperless picking with special software

Considerable reduction of order picking costs

Pick Towers (or multi-level storage platforms) are the ideal solution for product storage, picking and easy retrieval of products and goods in high throughput environments, due to their ability to organize / manage a large variety and high volumes of products.


NAS Pick Towers are designed for optimum flow efficiency with palletized loads gravity fed to the Picker, who places boxes on the motorized conveyor. Individual items are placed into totes on a gravity conveyor and once filled, are pushed onto the motorized conveyor, sending them to shipping areas. These engineered racking systems combine different storage solutions inside multi-level platforms, incorporating Pallet and Carton Flow Rack feeding into static and power conveyor lanes. Drop swing gates and garbage conveyors or chutes can also be incorporated in the system.  Given that these systems are incredibly efficient, warehouses that need to store large numbers of SKU’s and ship them out quickly can benefit greatly. Pick Towers can be utilized in many different industries: automotive parts, health care, pharmaceuticals, internet shopping and e-commerce fulfillment, to name a few.

Performance of Racking System Bulk Storage Selective Pallet Rack Mezzanine Rack
Selectivity of individual pallets 40% 100% 100%
Use of floor space 80% 50% 70%
Utilization of pallet posting 70% 98% 90%
Speed of access and throughput 80% 80% 60%
Stock rotation (FIFO) 40% 60% 60%
Use of building height 30% 80% 90%
Efficient Bottom Level Case Picker No Yes Yes
Ease of relocation 100% 100% 100%
System adjustability 100% 100% 70%

















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