Widespan 4000 Shelving

Wire Mesh Deck (FLAT)

Wire Mesh Decks or Wire Mesh shelves are available 2 sizes for Widespan shelving. Wire mesh decks are a clean alternative to particle board or plywood shelves and optimize performance of overhead sprinkler systems for improved fire safety ratings.  Designed to be used with side mount beams, no tools are required for installation.  Wire mesh shelves improve load identification and are more hygienic for use in the health or food industry.


  • Fast & easy installation – just drop into place
  • Visibility of stored product
  • Maintenance free
  • Minimizing dirt buildup

Part#5303 | Wire Mesh Deck | Size: 24 x 36 | LBS: 0.0
Part#5304 | Wire Mesh Deck | Size: 24 x 48 | LBS: 0.0

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