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The Microfriction® Pushback Racking System is the result of years of research by a team of seasoned industry specialists and engineers.  Designed to meet the demands for a superior product built to the best industry standards and reliability tested, as well as safe and easy to use.   The Microfriction® Pushback is the best storage system available today.  


Due to the unique shape of its wheel and rail system, the Microfriction® Pushback Racking will not accumulate debris slowing down carts and will not cause cart blockage. Carts become linked for optimum security of pallets, however wheels never touch.  Pallets can be stored up to 6 pallets deep (as opposed to the traditional 2 pallets deep).  The front pallet is stopped by a safety stop.  

Enjoy the benefits of optimized warehouse storage capacity, with up to 70% increase in your storage capacity compared to conventional pushback racking systems.  Microfriction® is an immediate and guaranteed return on your investment. (Microfriction designed by Cosme Inc. USA Patent No. 7,114,904 / Canadian Patent pending).