Rack Accessories

Racking accessories are an integral part of any warehouse pallet racking system allowing for optimization of storage space and increased safety and rigidity of your system.

SAFETY BARS – MEDIUM OR HEAVY DUTY: Safety bars sit flush in pre-slotted step beams to stop improperly placed pallets from falling between beams. They prevent spreading on extra wide racks under heavy loads.

ROW SPACERS:  Used for back-to-back rows to tie end frames together for stability & consistent spacing; also support in-rack sprinkler systems.

COMBO SHELF SUPPORTS & SAFETY BARS FOR STEP BEAMS:  Has all the same features as the medium duty safety bars.

SHELF SUPPORT: Choose from steel shelf support or 1″x6″ lumber to support wood shelves.  A variety of materials, plywood, particle board or finished board can be used or the shelving. 

FORK ENTRY BARS:  Support non-palletized loads.

DRUM CRADLES:  Designed to adapt racking to hold round objects. Unit is completely welded and fits securely on NAS Step Beams skid channel; adapting rack to the storage of semi-live and stationary skids.

SKID CHANNELS:  Allow for safe placement and removal of skids.  Span from front to back between beams where skids and platforms are stored.  The inverted channel section enables the legs of a platform to be positioned inside the flanges, thus giving them a safe seating.  Not suitable for use with step beams.

CUT LUMBER:  An inexpensive shelving for NAS step beams.

DROP IN PANELS:  Galvanized steel panels providing a smooth surface. Available in 6” or 9” standard width.