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Many big box stores, warehouse clubs, office supply stores and home building centres utilize retail fixture rack systems, not only for back room storage, but also for their front retail selling floor space.  Retail rack provides a fully versatile range for products sizes and weights, versus shelving or other similar store fixtures that are limited. Retail fixture rack is frequently utilized on perimeter walls, at additional heights, to accommodate the display of promotional items, as well as over stock items. 

In addition to being attractive, racking also portrays the image of a better price or value, store positioning and image.  The versatility of retail fixture racking is that it can handle awkward or oversized products such as lumber, piping, conduit, drywall, concrete, tiles…on the sales floor, back room or outdoors. Retail fixture rack systems can also be integrated with roofs and walls to shelter the product and customers from the elements. Our Engineers can ensure compliance to all local building codes and safety standards to ensure your retail racking is safe for use in the retail store front, providing long term storage space in your store front for years to come.



Less expensive than traditional store fixtures with greater capacities

Versatile for displaying large bulky merchandise

Applications for Building Supply and Hardware Retailers, large outlet stores, small and mid-sized retailers who require additional merchandising space.

Performance of Racking System Bulk Storage Selective Pallet Rack
Selectivity of individual pallets 40% 100%
Use of floor space 80% 50%
Utilization of pallet posting 70% 98%
Speed of access and throughput 80% 80%
Stock rotation (FIFO) 40% 60%
Use of building height 30% 80%
Efficient Bottom Level Case Picker No Yes
Ease of relocation 100% 100%
System adjustability 100% 100%
Specialist handling equipment No No