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Rack safety nets prevent worker injuries by stopping product from falling from rack shelving bays.  Rack nets can be customized to any style of racking at any height, and ensure the highest level of security.

Lift truck impact on racks cause pallets or pallet load shifting; netting will prevent loads from falling into aisles and avoid product losses and worker injury.  Nets are fitted to each bay or section, depending on your needs. End racks are most susceptible to fork lift damage, and as a result rack nets should be considered in these areas minimum. Understanding your local seismic condition may determine if you need rack netting.

Simple safeguard nets are very cost effective when compared to costs related to employee injury, product damage and distribution centre downtime.


Disclaimer: List prices apply to all standard part numbers and are subject to change without notice. Additional charges may apply for: (a) non-standard parts/sizes; (b) non-stock items; (c) special colours; (d) quantities below minimums. You will be advised at time of ordering if any of these conditions apply. Thank you.