Engineering and Rack Design

Maximize Your Rack Storage System

NORTH AMERICAN STEEL / STORAGE has a large library of rack storage system layouts and designs along with published tables and charts to RMI/CSA Standards.  Our Engineering staff will assure the most viable and cost effective racking warehouse solutions to your specific requirements.  As a racking manufacturer of a wide range of rack and shelving storage systems we design warehouse systems specifically for our customers individual applications.  Our in-house certified engineers are able to certify your rack distribution system for use to comply with all permit requirements. We will help you maximize your current rack storage systems by providing more efficient storage solutions.  A well designed warehouse material handling system can make the difference between average or high efficiency to any warehouse logistics racking system.

For example we can provide a HYBRID RACK SYSTEM combining Rollformed rack and Structural rack to maximize your budget without compromising impact resistance.  With your input we can design your rack storage systems with enhancements for the best combination of access, operational flexibility, future changeability, and rack safety features, while keeping ongoing and future costs as low as possible and increase the service life of your racking facility.

  • Onsite consultations with your staff
  • Initial rack layout drawings on AutoCAD modelling
  • Rack elevation and shop drawings
  • “As Built” drawings with rack load capacities for building permits
  • Seismic rack calculations if required.
  • Rack PSR exemptions where applicable free of charge
  • Ministry of Labour rack inspections and racking certification
  • Engineered stamped drawings
  • Limited rack warranty against damages / defects of our product