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Pallet Flow Skate Wheel Flow Beds have the same features as standard roll formed carton flow beds but are designed with larger wheels and no dividers.  Skate Wheel Pallet Flow racking is ideal for large boxes and for handling many different sizes.  This type of pallet flow racking can be easily retrofitted into existing rack systems where the lower level is pick and the upper level is standard pallet.  Beds are made to order, width and lengths, to fit new or retrofit pallet racking.

Skate Wheel Pallet Flow racking provides the ultimate in abuse resistance and flexibility.  With a full deck of wheels, either steel or plastic, there is no need to re-profile when box sizes change.  Tilt shelves and impact plates are optional.  No extra hardware required to hold track and guide in place.

1.9 diameter plastic wheels  = 50 Lbs. capacity each



Allows a variety of box sizes to be used simultaneously

Ideal for ongoing product change/packaging

Can operate with less than perfect cartons

Easily installed in existing racking bays

Simple conversion of existing racking installation

Ideal for freezer or cooler storage facilities

Product segregation - products can be stored in individual lanes

Reduces aisle traffic and manpower, fewer lift trucks are required


Live Pallet Gravity Flow Rack is a high density bulk storage system on sloping roller conveyor tracks. Heavy duty skate wheels are preferred to support all loads evenly where a variety of pallet sizes and quality have to be handled, minimizing product damage.  Pallets move by gravity from the loading to the picking position and are easily accessible to the lift truck operator.   Forklift damage is reduced because the product is protected in the rack system until picking.  Typical systems are up to 5 levels high and up to 20 pallets deep.  Flow rack has capacities up to 4,000 Lbs per pallet.

Flow storage systems offer automatic FIRST-IN/FIRST-OUT (FIFO principle) product rotation, an advantage with perishable and time-sensitive products.

Performance of Racking System Bulk Storage Selective Pallet Rack Pallet Flow Rack
Selectivity of individual pallets 40% 100% 50%
Use of floor space 80% 50% 80%
Utilization of pallet posting 70% 98% 70%
Speed of access and throughput 80% 80% 80%
Stock rotation (FIFO) 40% 60% 100%
Use of building height 30% 80% 60%
Efficient Bottom Level Case Picker No Yes Yes
Ease of relocation 100% 100% 70%
System adjustability 100% 100% 40%
Specialist handling equipment No No No