Shelf Supported Storage Platforms

Structural Storage Platforms are high rise, multi-level shelving systems with floor aisles at 8’ to 10’ intervals. Catwalks/ Mezzanine Shelving or Racking systems are one of the most effective ways to maximize your plant or warehouse space.  These systems will increase storage capacity and work areas or add an office in your plant facility.  It is also an easy alternative to renovating existing storage areas, double usable warehouse and floor space.
Shelf Supported Storage Platforms

For warehouse heights greater than 16’, storage density is superior with a 2-level Structural Storage Platform (versus single tier shelving). The modular nature of the system can be configured for the storage of varied products; shelving bays must be common in base size in each level. Each system is custom engineered to suit the building configuration and constraints. Stairs and landing areas are incorporated to match egress and lift truck aisles. Shelving Catwalk Systems (usually 2 to 3 levels high) best suit smaller parts / products, using backs and sides to separate back-to-back units. Racking Catwalk Systems (usually 2 to 8 levels high) are ideal for larger / heavier, individual items that require stacking.

In a Full Floor Catwalk System, the top floor is completely open (used for bulk storage) or can accommodate varied shelving units. For multi-level systems (e.g. 3 levels and greater), the intermediate levels are Catwalk Systems and the top floor is open, full floor. Shelf and Rack Supported Storage platforms are built on existing racking / shelving units (e.g. do not require structural beams or columns) offering additional savings.

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Product Line Options of Shelf Supported Storage Platforms