North American Rack

North American Rack is the work horse of conventional warehouses, and is the most widely used storage system for fast moving palletized and non-palletized loads. It offers direct access to all pallets with greater load flexibility.  It has the advantage of allowing storage or retrieval of each pallet without moving others, as every pallet is individually accessible.

Selective Rack systems provide a broad range of flexibility heavy-duty storage needs. The wide selection of Selective Rack components allow for infinite variety of sizes to accommodate the most specific pallets, wire mesh box pallets, etc.  Stocking vertically or horizontally maximizes space without damaging inventory, with ability to access individual loads, allowing you to provide improved service to your customers.  Roll Formed Selective Rack aisles & components can be sized to suit existing forklift trucks. Only two basic components, Beams and Frames, are required in a variety of sizes according to load sizes of up to 100,000 lbs. The Recessed Cant Leg can be used with Selective Racking systems in order to minimize damage by lift trucks, thus preventing accidents to workers and protecting valuable product.