American Teardrop Rack

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American Teardrop Rack

American Teardrop racking has been an industry standard in the USA for many decades. The tapered key-lock type rivet connectors squares the beam to the column vertically and horizontally, allowing longer engagement than a standard round rivet. Our patented plunger-pin system, which can replace conventional safety pins, is also available for the Teardrop Rack system.

Teardrop racking has an upright with 5 vertical bends provides greater impact and over-load resistance. Teardrop rack columns can be easily reinforced with C-Channel inserts or the column can be doubled for greater load capacity.

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Features and benefits

  • Capacities from 10,000 Lbs to 50,000 Lbs with options for double posting
  • 1-5/8” and 3” deep posts for light and heavy applications with centre seam for added impact resistance
  • 14, 13, or 11 gauge posts for different load applications
  • One-piece multi-purpose beam with a rolled-instep plain or pierced to accommodate safety bars, shelf supports and other unique accessories.  Full 1-7/8” top face for superior pallet support
  • Our 3” deep bracket allows us to weld our beams front and rear
  • Beam brackets and compression rivets lock the beam to column on both planes to secure the teardrop racking