Structural Rack

North American Structural Racking is ideal for high rise systems, heavy traffic and high abuse areas.  It is available in a variety of column sizes and meets the required frame loads of today’s higher and heavier pallets.  Structural pallet racking is the most cost effective product to meet the demands of efficient storage use in a potentially abusive environment.

Structural racking steel components can be used in any application where high capacity and long life are important and can be integrated with rollformed components to provide a more economical alternative, using the best features of each style.

Lift truck damage is reduced due to the structural shape of the column, placing the most amount of steel at the front face corners.  Load carrying members lose their ability to support stated loads when deformed by any damage.  The extra strength provided by structural racking reduces this risk and is less likely to be deformed by everyday lift truck impacts.

Structural racking sections are thick enough to allow repairs to be made using ordinary cutting and welding equipment.  Note:  Any re-work must be completed by fully qualified personnel.

Structural racking, usually constructed of hot rolled structural channels, has long been known as being extraordinarily capable of withstanding the wear and tear of the toughest environments, which makes structural rack popular for use in freezers, coolers, and distribution facilities.  Today, with intense competition forcing every company to reduce costs, structural rack has become a popular choice in many different industries.