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No nuts, bolts, or tools required for installation

Clean, attractive appearance for office, retail, or warehouse picking applications

Welded braces cannot be forgotten or installed incorrectly

Includes welded footplate for stability and optional anchoring

Bay bracing not required, permitting access to both sides of each shelf bay (double deep application at single deep price

Beam members hook into frame allowing easy adjustability for changing product lines

Frames & beams in baked on Powder Paint for durability and appearance

Multiple shelf options can be mixed within a single bay

Shelf options in standard widths and WIDESPAN lengths up to 8’


WIDESPAN steel shelving is a BOLTLESS system that offers multiple shelf beam options to meet any hand loaded storage requirement.  Ordering wide span shelving is easier than most shelving lines as the system consists of only 4 components – frame, beam, shelf, and frame connectors for tall applications.  The frames are strong enough for heavy item storage and are ideal for shelf supported Catwalk storage systems and open Mezzanines. Widespan frames are supplied with moment resisting beams eliminating the need  for diagonal bracing in the bay, allowing pick access from both sides of a single shelf.

Frames  - Widespan frames are the SAFEST option for your facility. Improperly installed, insufficient, or missing stability braces are a leading cause of shelving failure in warehouses.  Widespan frames come with WELDED braces so they cannot be omitted or forgotten, saving installation time and errors.  Each frame comes with welded footplates which can be anchored for prevention of overturning when storing heavy or tall loads.  Standard sizes available include 12’ to 48” deep, and heights up to 192” (16’-0”)


Shelf Beams – Widespan offers the most versatile shelf support options in the North American market. Side mount 2 and 3 hook beams are available in standard shelf widths and are an excellent balance of storage capacity and budget, and are adjustable on 1” increments.  Front mounted mini step beams (similar to pallet racking) allow shelf widths up to 8’ wide and can carry loads over 1,000 lbs. per level.  For common sized shelving systems requiring many pick levels (18”or 24” Deep x 36”or 48” Wide),  a clip-in option is available where the painted steel shelf is self-supporting and rests on 2” adjustable clips on each post.

Shelf Options – Widespan shelving is available in solid shelf options like OSB board or Steel shelves in the most common sizes (18”or 24” Deep x 36”or 48” Wide).   For improved light, dust, and water penetration, economical wire mesh shelves are also available in stock for 24” x 48” bays, and in special sizes with large orders.