Building Products & Lumber

Industry-Specific Challenges

In the building products and lumber sector, storage systems must handle a wide range — from small components to oversized lumber and pipes. Efficient, damage-preventing storage is key to protecting materials and optimizing space. These systems need to accommodate heavy, bulky items and ensure easy retrieval. Flexibility for varied dimensions and SKU counts is essential. Minimizing damage during storage and transport is crucial for cost savings. Additionally, fire safety compliance is vital, especially due to the combustible nature of lumber products. Efficient and safe storage solutions are paramount in this fast-paced industry.

Our Pallet Racking Solutions for Building Products and Lumber

The NAS Group offers customized racking solutions for the building products and lumber industry, catering to diverse needs. Our range includes versatile selective racking and specialized cantilever racking designed for durability and resilience. In outdoor and non-climate-controlled settings, our racking systems feature corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, while structural steel options are available for heavy-duty loads, ensuring system integrity.

Explore Our Industry-Tailored Racking and Shelving Systems

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever system is the cornerstone of lumber storage, facilitating the organization of heavy, long materials such as lumber and pipes. It offers the flexibility of storing any length of product and creates designated areas for forklift operation, enhancing safety and efficiency.


Selective Racking

Our Selective Racking system is versatile, suitable for a range of building materials from heavy cement to delicate fixtures. It offers Wide Aisle configurations for easy maneuverability with standard forklifts, ideal for bulky items. The Narrow Aisle design maximizes space efficiency, perfect for diverse inventories in home improvement stores.


Drive-In/Drive-Thru Racking

Designed for high-density storage needs, our Drive-In/Drive-Thru Racking systems serve building product manufacturers with a limited variety of SKUs but require bulk quantity storage. This racking system optimizes space utilization by allowing forklifts to enter the storage bays, making it an ideal solution for heavy items.


Carton Flow Racks

Suited for smaller hardware items, carton flow racks facilitate efficient order picking and stock rotation, crucial for hardware storage and display areas in home improvement and retail environments.

Why Choose the NAS Group for Your Building Products and Lumber Storage Needs?

Our experience with lumber storage solutions spans a range of applications, from retail fixture systems in hardware stores to expansive lumber rack storage systems for wholesale distributors. By implementing systems like our cantilever lumber storage racks, clients have achieved maximized storage space, minimized material damage, and significantly boosted productivity through easy material retrieval.

With a variety of systems from wide aisle to narrow aisle configurations, and our specialized retail fixtures for hardware and home improvement stores, we deliver solutions that are as diverse as the products they hold. Additionally, we provide rack relocation services to adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring flexibility in your operations.

Connect with us to find out how our lumber storage systems and cantilever lumber storage racks can transform your storage area into a model of efficiency and safety.

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