Wholesale and D.C Racking

The Distribution Centre (DC) is the backbone of any order fulfillment system, linking manufacturers and suppliers to retail outlets. The DC’s objective is to accept products in full skid lots / pallets and store them so that they can be efficiently retrieved for picking. Orders are typically filled in one of two modes: (1) the Pickers travel to the bays; or (2) the pallets move to the Pickers.

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Retail, Food, Pharmaceutical, Parts and Tires, and More

Greater Efficiencies

New technologies have created greater efficiencies for this process, developed by the Material Handling industry including:

  • Powered and gravity conveyor systems
  • Specialized man aboard lift trucks
  • Hands-free picking software
  • Modernized warehouses with increased building heights
  • Environmentally friendly optimization
  • Modern pallet racking applications