Beam – Step (NASB)

Description: One-piece, multi purpose step beam, with a rolled instep pierced to accommodate safety bars, shelf supports and other unique accessories. Full 1-7/8″ for superior pallet support.  Uses a 3″ deep bracket that allows vertical welds front and rear on all beams.

Benefits: Provides a 1-7/8″ wide top for better load stability.  Seam of the beam is at the rear under the step, preventing accidental fork lift or pallet hooking.  A smooth front face for label application.

Colour: Orange, Royal Blue.  (Other colours are available, upcharge may apply)

Part #3442 | Special Step Beam 16 Gauge | Size: 4″ x 96″ | LBS: 0.0 | Load/CAP/LBS: 4,000
Part #3443 | Special Step Beam 16 Gauge | Size: 4-1/2″ x 96″ | LBS: 0.0 | Load/CAP/LBS: 4,500

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