Floor Planking (OSFP)

Description:  Open Steel Floor Planking is designed for Mezzanine and Catwalk systems.  Open steel design allows for creation of overhead storage areas that would not normally be usable, while allowing light to filter through to the storage areas below. 6″ wide planking is also used as fillers.  Made of 16 gauge galvanized steel for extra durability and corosion resistance.   Size:  9″ Wide x 144″ Length x 2″ High.

Benefits:   Ideal for wear and tear of industrial applications.  Allows for light and sprinkler water penetration.

Colour:  Galvanized

NOTE:  5/16″ X 3/4″ nuts/bolts and fender washers are not included in the price.

Part #7401 | Floor Planking – Galvanized | Size: 9 x 144 | LBS: 26.0

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