Rack Protection


Post protectors provide added protection in high traffic areas. The angle helps to deflect rather than to absorb direct frontal impacts and reduces the possibility of rack damage.

Welded-On Protectors: Factory welded to the front of the upright is the most economical protection.

Frame Repair Kit: Front frame is cut and the reinforcement added in and bolted at front and rear to the existing posts.

Clip-On Protectors: Clip-on to the front face of rack frame.

Floor Mounted Protectors: These are the most common type of stand alone protectors.



Tapered Floor Mounted: Providing protection for end of row frames against lift truck damage adding a neat finished appearance

Raised Floor Mounted: This raised aisle guard is preferred where cleaning under the guard is a sanitary necessity

Frame Mounted: Protect frames and braces from fork lift truck impact above floor level

Front Leg Boot: Replaces damaged FRONT post below lower horizontal brace.


Warehouse racking often takes a beating from moving lift trucks and carts. Our rack protection, guarding and accessories are designed to reduce impact damage to racking and your stored product by helping to prevent lift truck impact with the racking.

Rack guarding is manufactured from heavier steel than the racking, and with the use of abuse resistant horizontal braces the repair results in ‘stronger than original’ frames with higher tolerance to impact damage. Rack uprights with guarding protection on them will prevent racks from bending on lift truck impact. Protecting your racking with end aisle guards, post protectors and beam bracing will save you money in costly racking repairs, employee accidents, damaged product and warehouse downtime.  Rack protection will go a long way in preventing rack damage or replacement for years to come. Rack guarding should be an important part in your warehouse health and safety program.

Double Posted Endframes (welded on) will increase the load capacity and transfer the axial load to the second post should the front post become damaged.

All our rack protection products are powder coated in durable “safety yellow” for better visibility by lift truck drivers.