Rack Installation

Improperly installed racking may cause not only poor performance of your rack system, but may also put your staff at risk during use.  Avoid accidental racking collapses and injuries by ensuring your racks are set up by trained racking installers.

Pallet racking structures should be installed on a plumb, level, and square surface. Some rack installations may require the racking to be installed at the construction phase and may be a ‘rack supported roof’ system.  Racking may require shimming to ensure your rack system is plumb (square) and that all rack levels are for safe use.

Our racking installation crews are factory trained and have years of experience in warehouse racking installation of our various products.  Multiple crews are available with specialized knowledge in various rack warehouse system applications.  We can provide Unionized or Non-Unionized installer teams depending on your contractor requirements.

Our crews are also trained for high lift operations, carry the required safety equipment and are knowledgeable on safe work practices, and certified with WSIB.  We can supply all necessary material handling equipment if required.

Pallet racking should only be assembled by trained personnel, experienced with proper rack assembly procedures. If you are unfamiliar with rack assembly, you should contact our office for instructions to ensure a safe installation and integration of your pallet racking system, for both safe use and legal certification.  Capacity certification of your installed racking is key to safe use for your staff. We offer PSR Certification for Ministry of Labour compliance.

We also perform:

  • System Modifications, Rack Repair & Rack Reinforcement
  • Moving and Relocations of current racking systems
  • Safety Audits and Racking Inspections