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Widespan Shelving


  • Quick Assembly with welded frames for rapid setup.
  • Versatile Beam Mounting accommodating side or front mounted beams for different bay widths and shelf capacities.
  • Diverse Shelving Options including particle board, steel, or wood shelves, with wire shelves also available.
  • Enhanced Strength through wood shelves supported on beams.
  • Flexible Shelving Design with a compression clip option for steel shelves.
Rapid Setup

Rapid Setup

Versatile Design

Versatile Design

Robust Build

Robust Build

Discover the ideal solution for storing both bulk and lightweight items with our Widespan Shelving system. Specifically designed for high-rise systems, including one- and two-level catwalks, mezzanines, and storage platforms up to 22 feet high. Bridging the gap between shelving and racking, Widespan 4000 storage is a versatile and robust choice for your warehouse needs.



Efficient and Accessible Storage


Widespan Shelving stands out for its open accessibility from all sides thanks to the absence of cross bracing. This feature ensures easy access and efficient organization of your stored items, whether they’re bulky or lightweight.



Full Adaptability and High Load Capacity


Widespan systems offer full adaptability for various storage requirements. Whether you opt for side-mounted or front-mounted beams, our shelving accommodates various bay widths and shelf capacities. The system is capable of handling significant loads, making it suitable for diverse storage needs.



Customizable Shelving Materials


Tailor your storage solution with a range of shelving materials. Choose from durable particle board, robust steel, or strong wood shelves. Additionally, wire shelves are available for specific storage needs. For steel shelves, the compression clip option offers an extra layer of flexibility and strength.



Ideal for High-Rise Storage Systems


Perfectly designed for high-rise storage systems, Widespan Shelving maximizes your vertical space efficiently. Its robust design ensures safety and stability for up to 22 feet in height, supporting a broad range of items.



Elevate your storage capabilities with our Widespan Shelving system. Catering to both bulk and lightweight items, it’s the universal solution for your high-rise storage needs. Contact us for a quote and optimize your warehouse space today.

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