Hardware & Plumbing

Tailored Solutions for the Hardware and Plumbing Industry

In the hardware and plumbing industry, managing diverse storage needs is a complex challenge. The NAS Group specializes in offering innovative storage solutions, particularly in pallet racking and industrial shelving, catering to this sector.


For smaller items like fittings, tools, and valves, efficiency and organization are key. Our industrial shelving systems are engineered to maximize space utilization, ensuring these components are stored efficiently and accessible promptly. This approach greatly enhances productivity by reducing the time spent searching for necessary items.


When it comes to larger materials such as PVC pipes and bulky appliances, the NAS Group’s pallet racking solutions are indispensable. These systems are designed by expert engineers to handle the significant weight and size of such items, guaranteeing secure and orderly storage. The versatility of our pallet racking is evident in its adjustable features, allowing the accommodation of items with varying heights and spacing, facilitating easy access and handling.


Beyond addressing the physical storage needs, our solutions also focus on improving overall warehouse efficiency. Understanding the dynamic nature of the hardware and plumbing industry, with its seasonal and project-based stock variations, our storage systems are designed to be flexible. They can be modified to align with a business’s evolving inventory requirements, simplifying the process of adjusting the storage layout.


Choosing the NAS Group storage solutions is about more than just getting a product. It’s about teaming up for success. We work with you to make the most of your space, increase efficiency, and help your business grow in a competitive market. Our goal is to provide storage options that meet the unique demands of your industry, keeping you one step ahead.

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