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Storage Platforms are the perfect way for a growing business to expand their storage capacity without having to invest prematurely in to an entirely new building. North American Steel can work with your existing space, and even your existing North American Steel Pallet Racking or Shelving Systems, and build upwards.


To create maximum storage efficiency, North American Steel can build a Storage Platform in your facility that rises multiple levels high. By making using of your facility’s height, you may effectively double, or even triple your storage capacity, while improving throughput and efficiency, and even adding extra square footage for operational space (offices, boardrooms, etc.)


North American Steel offers varying types of Storage Platform solutions depending on your storage requirements. Shelf supported and rack supported storage platforms and pick towers offer cost effective ways of maximizing the storage capacity of your facility, effectively reducing your cost of storage, while also improving efficiency in inventory flow. Dynamic systems, such as carton flow systems, can be integrated in to your storage platform for the ultimate use of space.


Taking things to another level, North American Steel is one of the only companies in Canada who specializes in Structural Rack Supported Buildings, which are a much more cost effective way of increasing storage space, without the purchase of an entirely new industrial building.


Fill out the form below and a North American Steel System Design Expert will reach out to you to discuss your Storage Platform requirements within 24 – 48 hours.


Structural Storage Platform

Structural steel storage platforms by NAS easily add a second or third level to your existing warehouse to provide efficient use of otherwise unused ceiling space.

Shelf Supported Storage Platform

Shelf/Rack supported storage platforms by NAS utilize shelving or pallet racking to support an overhead floor. Top floors can be left free and clear to allow bulk floor storage, or the shelving can pass through.

Pick Tower Rack

Pick Tower Rack by NAS is ideal for hand case picking. Rack frames and beams are designed to meet all specific product size and weights. Full pallets can be stored above with independent access for lift trucks.