Industry-Specific Challenges

In the automotive industry, storage management is complex. Items vary in size and handling needs, from bulky windshields to delicate electronics. Dealerships and warehouses struggle to balance ample stock (Just-In-Case) with minimal inventory (Just-In-Time), affecting profitability and efficiency. Adhering to fire safety regulations, especially for flammable items, is essential. This balancing act extends to optimizing warehouse space. The goal is to reduce costs without compromising the speed and productivity of the supply chain. These challenges require careful planning and execution to ensure effective inventory management and operational efficiency in the automotive sector.

Our Pallet Racking Solutions for the Automotive Industry

The NAS Group recognizes the importance of a dynamic storage solution tailored to the automotive industry. With our in-house design and engineering team, we develop customizable solutions that precisely meet the demands of storing automotive parts. Importantly, our durable North American Rack is designed to handle the weight of heavy auto parts, while adapting to various sizes and shapes. Furthermore, we carefully consider the unique characteristics of each product. This approach ensures that our systems not only optimize space utilization but also consistently comply with fire safety standards.

Explore Our Industry-Tailored Racking and Shelving Systems

Selective Pallet Racking

Our Selective Pallet Racking system adapts to the automotive industry’s evolving inventory, offering direct access to various automotive parts. Its customizable design accommodates products of all sizes, from small components to large body parts, streamlining retrieval and improving operational flow.


Cantilever Rack

Ideal for long, bulky items, our Cantilever Rack system ensures easy access and adjustable storage. It’s scalable, enhancing storage density for items like exhaust pipes and bumpers. Its column-free design and adaptable arms allow for efficient and safe storage of various oversized products.


Pick Towers

Engineered for high-density storage, our Pick Towers enhance the parts-to-picker workflow. They integrate with automated systems, accelerating picking and minimizing errors. Customizable for various small items, they efficiently store fast-moving parts like filters and fasteners.


Pallet Flow Systems

Pallet Flow systems are perfect for high-turnover, time-sensitive inventory. This first-in, first-out (FIFO) system is especially beneficial for the storage of batteries or other parts with expiration dates, ensuring that older stock is used first. With the ability to go several pallets deep, this system maximizes space and minimizes aisle space.


Carton Flow Racking

Our Carton Flow Racking is tailored for storing numerous SKUs while maintaining high visibility and accessibility. The system is useful for smaller parts distribution and works on a FIFO basis. It’s efficient for quick replenishment and order fulfillment in smaller parts distribution.

Why Choose the NAS Group for Your Automotive Industry Needs?

The NAS Group boasts industry expertise and extensive experience with leading automotive companies. We also deliver full-scope project management services. A dedicated project manager will oversee your project from consultation through to installation, ensuring a seamless process and successful outcome. Our commitment to customization, quality, and safety, backed by our comprehensive support, makes us the premier partner for automotive storage systems.


We invite you to contact us for your automotive industry storage needs. We are ready to discuss your needs, provide a consultation, and deliver tailored solutions that enhance efficiency and compliance. 

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