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NAS Hybrid Racking


  • Strength and Flexibility combining structural frames with cost-effective rollformed beams. 
  • Accessory Compatibility accommodating safety bars, wire mesh decks, and dividers. 
  • Impact Durability with structural front components in Double Deep and Push-Back systems. 
  • Varied Leg Options for increased impact resistance and extended warranty. 
  • Adjustable Design ideal for 3PL distribution centers requiring regular adjustments.  


Robust Construction

Robust Construction

Flexible Configuration

Flexible Configuration

NAS Hybrid Racking expertly merge the strength and durability of structural frames with the cost-efficiency of rollformed beams, offering flexible, modular storage solutions. Ideal for dynamic and high-traffic environments, these systems are equipped with a full range of accessories to meet diverse storage needs, ensuring a robust yet adaptable racking solution. 



Modular Design for Maximum Efficiency 


The rollformed beams in our Hybrid Rack are designed for ultimate flexibility. They can be fitted with a variety of racking accessories like safety bars, wire mesh decks, and dividers, enabling customization according to specific requirements. This modularity is particularly beneficial in 3PL distribution centers where the need for adjusting pallet load sizes is a frequent necessity. 



Enhanced Impact Resistance for Durability 


Our Hybrid Rack, especially when used with Double Deep and Push-Back racking systems, feature structural front components for added impact durability. This combination of structural and rollformed components, particularly in areas less prone to lift truck impact, optimizes both cost and durability. Additionally, the varied leg options provide increased impact resistance, safeguarding your investment. 



Diverse Frame Options for Added Safety 


Like our Structural warehouse racking, Hybrid rack frames offer three leg options: STRAIGHT LEG with Bull Nose protector, CANT LEG base, or RECESSED LEG base. Frames can be doubled and reinforced with heavy-duty lower horizontal braces or rub rails for extra impact resistance and protection, ensuring safety and longevity in high-traffic warehouses. 



Ideal for Various Storage Applications 


NAS Hybrid Rack are perfectly suited for multi-level storage platforms or pick towers, and very narrow aisle (VNA) racking. They efficiently accommodate full pallet loading with turret lift trucks or hand-picking with stock picker trucks. The systems also support selective pallet racking with upper-level full pallet loading using reach trucks and floor-level picking using ‘Walkie’ pallet trucks. 



Transform your warehouse with NAS Hybrid Racking, the ultimate solution for flexible, durable, and efficient storage. Whether for multi-level platforms or varied pallet loading, our systems are designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern warehousing. Contact us to learn how our Hybrid Racking can elevate your storage capabilities. 


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