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About Us

North American Steel is a leading manufacturer of Steel Pallet Racking and Industrial Storage Systems. We have been helping our customers to successfully and efficiently increase capacity, build higher, grow larger and stay on schedule since 1972. We have a team of expert Engineers and Designers and experienced Sales professionals that work from 15 different locations across Canada and the United States so that we can provide superior customer service and offer outstanding lead times within the industry.

Quality And Durability Matters

North American Steel has the largest pallet racking and industrial shelving manufacturing capacity in North America, with over 350,000 sq. ft. today – and we are still growing! Our state-of-the-art plants operate using the latest manufacturing techniques giving our customers complete confidence in our products. Our Racking Systems and Components are built to the highest standards for maximum safety and longevity. At NAS, we are confident our finished products will not only meet but exceed our customer’s expectations in quality and durability.

Core Values – Service is a Priority

Our customers are our top priority and can rely on us to be a trusted partner. From design to production, to delivery and installation, we stand by the integrity of our products. Our team of storage solution experts will support you and work with you from start to finish, developing ideas, designing layouts and implementing custom storage systems to take your organization to the next level. Once your storage system has been installed, our team will continue to support all of your racking and storage requirements, including maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.


North American Steel has extensive experience in solving storage challenges for the most demanding warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants. We work together with our customers to create the best pallet racking solutions that offer both abuse resistance and durability. We design our systems for maximum density allowing for quick entry and close vicinity with all main rack aisles leading to the dock doors. We understand that operational efficiency is the priority of every business and ensure to integrate these principals in to our racking system designs and features.

As a result, NAS has introduced the hybrid racking system to the Canadian market, its many great features include:
  1. One-inch adjustability on beam levels
  2. Double posted columns to the first or second beam level with reinforced steel corners
  3. Recommended for all applications using straddle leg Reach Trucks
  4. Offers either bullnose deflector angles for the straight leg applications or Cant Leg base section for full pallets on the floor


North American Steel Pallet Racking and Storage Systems are the best not only because of the quality of the hardware we manufacture, but because of the expertise and attention to detail that goes in to every individual system design and installation. This is why nothing stacks up like North American Steel.

Efficient & Cost-Effective

NAS designs pallet racking systems from Selective Double Deep or VNA all the way to complex pick towers and drive-in/thru systems. We also design multi-level storage platforms and value-oriented rack supported buildings. Our team of sales representatives and product engineers will design the most efficient and cost-effective storage system for your storage facility.

Always On Time

Each of our three manufacturing facilities across Canada can easily switch between structural rack, roll form rack or hybrid rack, while meeting tight delivery timelines.

Specialty Designs

NAS has always accommodated our customers with specialty designs to withstand lift truck damage, with abuse resistant extra steel bases and easy replacement bases and front leg set back bases (Cant Leg), recessed leg and severe recessed leg components. Regardless of the challenge, NAS will find the right solution.



For five decades, North American Steel has been the trusted pallet racking and industrial storage provider for some of the largest domestic and international companies across a wide range of industries. Many of the products you purchase and use every day, whether it is groceries, clothing, tools, or even automotive parts, were likely stored on a North American Racking system. Some of our premier clients include:

Contact our team of experts today and let us provide a solution that is right for you.

Our Mission & Vision

To engineer, manufacture, and install to the highest standards, while using innovative technologies to deliver safe and reliable steel storage solutions.


To bring automation and integration to the product storage and distribution industry.


NAS is a leading North American manufacturer comprised of engineering and sales professionals that work from 15 different locations across Canada and the United States. Our most innovative and cutting-edge racking and shelving products are manufactured in 4 full-scale manufacturing plants and offices located in Whitby, ON, Colborne, ON, Mississauga, ON and Nisku, AB.


NAS operates with a network of dealers located in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Brandon, Toronto, Mississauga, Kingston, Ottawa, London, Hamilton, Guelph, Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, Moncton, Saint John, Charlottetown and St. John’s. Each dealer is equipped to handle the most complex requests and offers the highest standards of quality and service.


The strategic location of our plants enables effective coordination with our authorized dealers for quick inventory access, low transportation cost, and expedited shipment to your installation site.

Environmental Considerations a Top Priority


As consultants and manufacturers to the world’s leading businesses, NAS has always advocated and recognized the importance of safeguarding our natural resources and global environmental heritage. North American Steel joins other Canadian manufacturers in its priority for following environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.


Everything produced is rigorously tested and analyzed for environmental impact. We employ methods of reducing waste through consumable inventory monitoring and state of the art preventative maintenance programs. NAS also has a dedicated R&D team who are continuously seeking new technologies in manufacturing as we continue to reduce emissions in our robotic welding and lift truck operations.


We utilize efficient heat sources, such as infrared panels and high efficiency natural gas for our paint line bake ovens. NAS has continuously upgraded our processes to comply with evolving environmental standards by improving our paint processes to incorporate a powder coat finish, resulting in reduced emissions as well as an increase in the recapture of recycled paint.


The scrap steel that is produced from our manufacturing processes is also captured and recycled to be repurposed by our steel suppliers. The NAS manufacturing facility also had a Solar rooftop system installed that produces over 70% of our hydro energy requirements and supplies power to LED lighting in the plant.

North American Steel Original Factory 1952


North American Steel was incorporated in 1952 under the Federal Charter. It operated as a subsidiary of Steel Equipment of England, which had been manufacturing steel storage warehouse equipment since 1898. Pioneering the idea of providing the most advanced racking and shelving storage solutions in North America, the Fabricius Family acquired the firm in 1972, and through expansion, commitment and innovation, NAS has become one of the key players in the steel manufacturing industry.


Today, our independent Canadian company has expanded consistently under the guidance of design engineers committed to our mission: Engineered for Strength, Focused on Service.


Whitby, ON

Acquisition of 80,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility


Edmonton, AB

Acquisition of 50,000 sq. ft. racking and shelving manufacturing facility


Colborne, ON

Acquisition of 130,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility for high-rise and structural racking


Whitby, ON

Expansion of Whitby manufacturing facility and acquisition of Triple-A Dies & Manufacturing in Scarborough, ON


Mississauga, ON

Acquisition of office and manufacturing facility


Delta, BC

Acquisition of office and warehousing facility

North American Steel Truncated Logo White


At North American Steel, we believe that each employee contributes to the success of our company. As an industry leader, we are committed to finding talented and exceptional people to lead our growth. We value talented Engineers, Designers and Sales representatives, that will assist us to innovate the future of product storage solutions.


Every business has an impact on society, from the products and services they deliver – whether it’s construction or manufacturing, communication or food industry, supplychain decisions or employment practices. We are committed to continuous improvement that comes with superior performance and quality, while ensuring future trust and confidence in our name.

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