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North American Steel manufactures Knockdown Racking in both 3 ¼” and 4” columns to meet all capacity requirements.

It installs as easily as welded racking and has the same options for configurations. Knockdown is fully interchangeable with welded racks and is available in single or welded double post options. NAS offers both 14-gauge and 13-gauge columns. Accessories can be easily interchanged with both welded and bolted racking components.

Advantages of Knockdown Racking
  • Performs equally as well as welded in terms of structural integrity and performance
  • Less expensive to manufacture due to the absence of labour and welding costs
  • Shipping costs are significantly less than welded
  • Bolted racking provides less rigidity and more flexibility in areas were seismic activity needs to be considered
  • Easier and less costly to repair
  • Short lead times
  • More customization options that are economical and easier than welded
  • Clip on post protectors can be used on bolted frames