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Knockdown Racking


  • More economical to transport than welded racking. 
  • Better suited for areas with seismic activity due to its flexibility. 
  • More affordable to fix than welded racks. 
  • Shorter lead times for production and delivery. 
  • Offers more economical and easy customization options.
  • Clip-On Safety Post protectors can be added easily to enhance safety. 
High Performance & Economical

High Performance & Economical

Flexible Design

Flexible Design

Maintenance Ease

Maintenance Ease

North American Steel’s Knockdown Racking is a versatile storage solution, available in 3 ¼” and 4” column sizes to meet various capacity needs. Knockdown Racking is fully interchangeable with welded racks, meaning parts can be easily swapped or replaced, and is available in single or double post designs.  



Ideal for Various Environments 


Knockdown Racking excels in versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of storage environments. Its bolted design not only facilitates flexibility but also ensures less rigidity, which can be advantageous in seismic-sensitive areas. This adaptability extends beyond just environmental resilience; it also simplifies the process of repair and maintenance, positioning it as a smart choice for diverse storage requirements.



Economical and Customizable 


Knockdown Racking offers a cost-effective solution in certain scenarios. While manufacturing and shipping costs are generally lower compared to welded racking, it’s important to consider that installation costs can be higher. This makes it a potentially more economical choice depending on specific circumstances, such as the scale of the installation. Additionally, Knockdown Rack design allows for more customization options, which are both adaptable and simpler to implement compared to welded racking, providing a versatile solution for varied storage needs. 



Enhanced Safety Features 


Safety is a key consideration in warehouse storage, and Knockdown Rack addresses this with the option to easily add clip-on post protectors. These protectors enhance the safety of the storage setup, safeguarding against potential damage and adding an extra layer of durability. 



Choose North American Steel Knockdown Rack for a strong and flexible storage solution. Its combination of durability, ease of customization, and economic benefits make it an excellent choice for a wide range of storage needs. Contact us for more information and to explore how Knockdown Rack can enhance your warehouse operations. 

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