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A North American Steel warehouse shuttle cart system allows a semi-automated shuttle cart to transport (shuttle) items into your pallet racking. This is ideal for warehouses with lower SKU’s and high throughput, allowing fast and uninterrupted order picking. This enables businesses to increase their racking depth, height of racking structures and eliminate aisles to effectively use every square inch of warehouse storage space.


Warehouse shuttle systems are set up for either FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO (last in first out). This depends on whether the rack faces are accessible on only one end or both ends. Pallets are placed at one end of the rack. An operator transmits the order signaling to the shuttle. The shuttle picks the loaded pallet and delivers it to the first free space in the lane.


Since warehouse shuttle systems facilitate the automatic placement and retrieval of pallets from deep storage racks, they can be used to increase efficiency in dense storage areas. Essentially, the shuttle cart system reduces the volume of resources and manpower required in the warehouse as it enhances operational safety while improving productivity.

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