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Double Deep Racking


  • Maximize your storage density with Double Deep Racking’s back-to-back pallet storage, accommodating 2 pallets deep.
  • Eliminates aisles, utilizing over 50% more storage space, perfect for managing various SKUs in limited storage environments.
  • LIFO (Last in, First Out) inventory management, ensuring ease of access to the most recent items stored.
  • Cost-efficient alternative to Dynamic and Specialized Racking System counterparts
50% Selectivity

50% Selectivity

Flexible Conversion

Flexible Conversion

Double Deep Reach Truck Required

Double Deep Reach Truck Required

When it comes to optimizing your warehouse space and achieving unparalleled storage density, Double Deep Racking is your solution. This system allows you to store pallets two deep, making the most of your available space.



Ideal for Increased Storage Density


Double Deep Racking is perfect for industries that require heightened storage density, especially when you have lift trucks with extended reach capabilities.



Efficient Space Utilization


By eliminating aisles, this system boosts your storage space utilization by more than 50%. It excels in scenarios where you need to manage various SKUs and where storage space is limited.



Versatile Conversion and Cost-Efficiency


Double Deep Selective Rack can be easily converted from single Selective Rack, and is an economical alternative to Push Back or Drive-In/Thru Racking Systems. This adaptability ensures you can maximize your storage capacity while maintaining cost-effectiveness, making it an attractive choice for businesses looking to optimize their warehouse space economically. Additionally, this system boasts the flexibility to be relocated and reconfigured from your existing material, providing tailored solutions to suit your evolving storage needs. However, keep in mind that specialized handling equipment and trained operators are necessary for safe and efficient operation.



Rack Protection and Equipment Considerations


For added safety and protection of your inventory, you have the option to implement specialty rack protection features. These features help safeguard both your products and your rack system, reducing the risk of damage.


Additionally, due to limited visibility at high levels and with rear pallets, specialized equipment like Mast Cameras may be necessary. It’s important to note that the use of Double Deep lift trucks is also required for efficient handling within the Double Deep Racking system. This combination of equipment and safety considerations ensures that your storage solution is not only space-efficient but also meets the highest safety standards.



Unlock the full potential of your storage space with our Double Deep Racking system. Contact us to explore how this system can optimize your storage density while maintaining accessibility and cost-efficiency.

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