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American Teardrop Racking


  • American Tear Drop Racking is a Long-Standing Industry Standard with decades of proven reliability in the USA. 
  • Improved Beam-to-Column Connection using tapered key-lock type rivet connectors for longer engagement. 
  • Patented Plunger-Pin System offering an alternative to conventional safety pins. 
  • Enhanced Impact Resistance with uprights featuring 5 vertical bends. 
  • Customizable Load Capacity through C-Channel inserts or double columns. 
Reliable Design

Reliable Design

Secure Connection

Secure Connection

Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Durability

American Teardrop Racking units, a long-standing industry standard in the USA, offer exceptional durability and reliability. The unique design of tapered key-lock type rivet connectors ensures a secure beam-to-column connection, both vertically and horizontally, surpassing the engagement length of standard round rivets. Our innovative patented plunger-pin system, an alternative to conventional safety pins, further enhances the system’s security and efficiency. 



Robust and Durable Construction 


The strength of the American Teardrop Racking is evident in its uprights, which feature five vertical bends. This design significantly increases impact and overload resistance, making the racking system more resilient to warehouse operational challenges. 



Versatile and Adaptable to High Load Demands 


Teardrop rack columns are engineered for versatility. They can be easily reinforced with C-Channel inserts or doubled in structure to accommodate greater load capacities. This adaptability makes the American Teardrop Racking suitable for a wide range of storage requirements, ensuring it can meet the demands of various warehouse environments. 



Innovative Safety Features 


The incorporation of our patented plunger-pin system marks a significant advancement in rack safety. This system, designed to replace traditional safety pins, offers increased security and peace of mind. 


American Teardrop Racking stands as a benchmark in warehouse storage solutions, blending years of industry expertise with cutting-edge design innovations. With enhanced impact resistance, customizable load capacity, and advanced safety systems, it’s the ideal choice for modern warehouse operations. Contact us to bring the robust efficiency of American Teardrop Racking to your facility. 



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