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Retail Fixture Racking


  • Roll-formed, selective racking systems designed to safely display and organize unboxed retail items.
  • Custom components like formed pipe dividers for long items such as moldings, and tool hangers.
  • Suitable for various retail needs including toilet displays and other plate displays.
  • Flexible design allows for easy disassembly and relocation to match changing stock plans and seasonal needs.
  • Installation causes minimal disruption to retail operations.
  • Custom paint colors are available for corporate branding and legacy applications.
Versatile Display Solutions

Versatile Display Solutions

Custom Component Options

Custom Component Options

Flexible and Adaptable Design

Flexible and Adaptable Design

The NAS Group’s Retail Fixture Racking goes beyond traditional warehouse storage solutions, offering customized, versatile racking systems for retail environments. From big box stores to smaller retail outlets, these racking systems are designed to safely display and organize a variety of unboxed items, enhancing the shopping experience. The system’s adaptability and minimal installation disruption make it a practical choice for retail spaces that frequently update their layouts and offerings.



Tailored for Retail Needs


These racking systems are not limited to the back room; they are an integral part of the retail floor, facilitating the display of items like carpets, vinyl, flooring, and a range of long products. As e-commerce grows, North American Steel is focusing on increasing pick rates to help companies expand their product selection.



Customized for Your Store


Every Retail Fixture Rack from North American Steel is customized to meet individual customer needs. The most common setup is double-deep selective racking, which can be tailored in various depths and heights to accommodate all shapes and sizes of retail items.



Designed for Display and Flexibility


The components of these racking systems include formed pipe dividers in D and M configurations, perfect for displaying long items, and formed wire assemblies for tools and other merchandise. Their design ensures that the racks can be easily disassembled and relocated, adapting to changing stock plans and seasonal requirements.



Seamless Integration into Retail Environments


The installation process is designed to cause minimal disruption, allowing retail operations to continue smoothly. Custom paint options are available to align with corporate branding and legacy applications, ensuring the racking not only serves its functional purpose but also complements the aesthetic of the retail space.



Discover the possibilities with North American Steel’s Retail Fixture Racking. Contact us to explore how our customized racking solutions can enhance your retail environment and improve your display efficiency.


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