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North American Steel racking is typically installed in the back room of most retail stores, but we also supply big box stores who use our shelving and racking throughout. With the growth of e-commerce, North American Steel is working to increase their pick rates so companies can increase their product selection. Carpet racks used in a retail environment are designed for the storage of carpet rolls, vinyl, flooring, rugs and a variety of long products. All North American Steel Retail Fixture Racks are customized to our customer’s individual needs. Double-deep selective racking is most common and can be customized to various depths and heights to suit all shapes and sizes

Retail Fixture Racking Benefits:

  • Roll formed selective racking systems designed to safely display and organize unboxed items for display
  • Components include formed pipe dividers in D and M configurations for long items such as moldings
  • Toilet and other plate displays
  • Formed wire assemblies such as tool hangers and shovel/broom dividers
  • Easily disassembled and relocated as stock planograms and season needs change
  • Minimal disruption of retail operations during installation
  • Custom paint colours available for Corporate identification and legacy applications

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