Cold Storage and Freezer

High density storage is essential in all freezer space partially due to the high cost of operation, and NAS is here to help. Our Pallet Racking Systems solutions range from low SKU, high volume systems, to case-goods picking in the harshest cooler environments.  

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The Best Protection

NAS provides Selective, FIFO and LIFO pallet systems with open case storage systems such as Push Back, Pallet Flow, Double Deep, Drive-In and Very Narrow Aisle pallet racking systems. Rooms must be designed with racking storage that minimizes door openings and allows for efficient access to main aisles and complete air flow around condensers. In freezers operating at temperatures of -20C or lower, extra rack protection due to slick floor surfaces may be required.

For full pallet storage needs, Mobile and Pallet Runner systems are optional considerations for increased efficiencies. For picking at lower levels, we offer Pallet Flow, Push Back and Carton Flow designs.

Furthermore, NAS racking finishes include a special powder coat paint or galvanized finish that inhibits rust and corrosion (a necessity in cold / humid environments).